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Sunday, September 18, 2022

55th Annual General Meeting 2022

Living for self is part of living,
Living for others is the ART of Living.

The 55th AGM of DBL Alumni was held at DBL today, Sunday 18th September,2022.

The DBL Alumni is grateful to Rev Fr Davis Veliyen, Rector DBL, Rev Fr Manoj Jose, Principal DBL and Delegate DBL Alumni.

This year we invited distinguished alumnus of DBL Mr. Sudipta Guha, Commissioner of Income Tax as Guest of honour, and life member of DBL Alumni.

The President Mr Biswanath Trivedi welcomed the august gathering . The President Mr Biswanath Trivedi expressed words of gratitude to the Salesians, who over the years have been giving total support, guidance and blessings to us. It is our Salesians who have inculcated the values of loving giving and caring.

And as Past Pupils of this illustrious institution, it becomes our duty to come back and take part in the activities and stay connected with to our Alma Mater. We must not forget the enormous hardwork our seniors have done in the past five decades to give us a wonderful platform bringing us closer to our most loving DBL.

Fr Davis Veliyen, congratulated the alumni members of doing wonderful work.

Mr Sudipta Guha spoke about his days of DBL as the best 13 years of life, he emphasized on the importance of the primary education of one's life and the role of a good institution in shaping one's future. The role of the Salesians and the teachers.

Mr Sudipta Guha suggested of contacting past pupils who have excelled in their careers. We should somehow find out, get them involved and make a chronicle which will serve as a role model to the present generation.

Rev. Fr Manoj Jose welcomed the members present and praised the President and the Executive Committee for the enormous hardwork they have been putting.

On behalf of DBL Alumni I want to sincerely thank Mr. Sudipta Guha for his presence

We are extremely grateful to Mr Dilip Bhutoria, the owner of Juvas, who has been continuously financing the Free Medical Camp. We pray to Almighty God to keep blessing Mr Dilip Bhutoria for his noble work

Full of appreciation to our Secretary Mr Yogesh PROMPT Goel for working extremely hard to keep us updated, handling the tedious work of the secretary in a very efficient manner

The treasurer Raunak Agarwal too deserves accolades for the upkeeping of our financial records

Mr Kamal Prakash Agarwal continues to give his best to the alumni in his most humble, he stands amongst the geniune assets of the alumni .

Mr Anil Agrawal, the Vice President need to be thanked for the extreme hardwork he under takes towards the work of the alumni.

My admiration for my seniors of the alumni , my love for my young friends of the alumni. The strength and the stretch or the reach of DBL Alumni was evident in the AGM as we had members who passed out in the early seventies, to the current pass outs of 2022.

We should be thankful to Don Bosco , our founding father, friend and guide who unites all his past pupils.

The success of an event lies in the hardwork of the people behind it.

I need to thank Our Delegate Fr Manoj Jose, Fr Davis Veliyen, Mr Sudipta Guha, The past President Mr Binod Adukia needs word of accolades for his total commitment towards the betterment of our unit, Raunak Agarwal, Binay Yadav, Rajesh Saraf , Raunak Poddar, Sanjay Yadav , Mahip Mittal, Arpit Bansal, Raghav Agarwal and all who were involved in today's AGM.

We appreciate all for sparing your valuable time and valuable inputs.

In future also, we look forward for your active participation, support and suggestion.

Special thanks to our Delegate for his inspiring words and advise. Same to our seniors for their love and suggestions.

:DBL Alumni:
सीढ़िया उन्हें मुबारक हो
जिन्हे सिर्फ छत तक जाना है
मेरी मंजिल तो आसमां है
रास्ता खुद मुझे बनाना है |

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