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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Dance competition organized for the AEP students by the Dance Club Junior of school

Dance competition organized for the AEP students by the Dance Club Junior of Our school.We thank Mam Anuradha and Mam Indranie the club incharge for conducting the camp.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

International Day of the Elderly

October 1st International Day of the Elderly
DBL Alumni members visited an old age home run by Little Sisters of the Poor
A meaningful day giving us insight of the basic reality of life.
The vagaries of life, the twists and turns of situations in life .
They may be our parents who have showered unequivocal love to us.
They have made lot of sacrifices to make us happy.
Now, they need empathy and compassion, sense of belonging, trust, dignity, respect and proper care that their basic needs are met.
Yes, this is what we felt and experienced during our visit to the Old age home.
We sincerely thank our Delegate Fr Manoj Jose for instilling the JOSH for today's work.
Very v thankful to our Provincial Vice President Mr Kamal Prakash Agarwal,
Unit President Mr Biswanath Trivedi,
Unit Vice President Mr Anil Agrawal,
Binay Yadav, Sanjay yadav, Ashis Debnath , Bikash Saraf, Mahip Mittal, Abhishek Sharma,Raunak Poddar
Arpit Bansal , Bijay Fatehpuria, Ganesh Agarwal and others.
We spent quality time amidst the Elderly people, touched by their plight.
We always feel encouraged and motivated by the work of our Salesian Fathers,
We really feel fortunate and blessed to be part of a noble cause of such great magnitude.
We had taken ration accessories and clothes for the residents of Old age home.
Heartful thanks to all who took time in honour of the Elderly.
All present were happy for this unique opportunity and thanked the President Biswanath Trivedi for planning and organizing such a noble event.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

DBL Alumni Badminton Doubles tournament 2023

Serve it, smash it, win it, love it!

DBL Alumni Badminton Doubles tournament 2023.

Badminton the game of racquet, cocks, serves and smashes.

We saw it all today by the team of youngsters all prepared to show their prowess.

On the other hand the veterans led by Fr Manoj Jose, Fr Anand , Dr Somen Ghosh and Mayank Saxena showing their class, full of stamina and endurance.

Endurance in badminton is the ability to continue a rally for long periods of time without tiring. It is an important part of any sport.

Thanks to our Delegate Rev Fr Manoj Jose, Fr Anand, Dr Somen , Mayank Saxena playing at par with the Gex.

A beautiful ambience, the badminton court in our auditorium.

The participants:
1) Fr Manoj Jose
2) Fr Anand Raj
3) Soumen Ghosh
4) Kunal Thaman
5) Rishabh kothari
6) Raj Ondhia
7) Mohit Goel
8) Nikunj Goel
9) Aryaman Shaw
10) Siddharth kr Sethia
11) Vishal Jain
12) Mayank Saxena
13) Raunak Agarwal
14) Anish Agarwal

The semifinalists:
The Runners up.
The Winners

Rishabh Kothari
Raj Ondhia

Runners up:
Nikunj Goel
Mohit Goel

Semi finalists:
Fr Manoj Jose
Dr Soumen Ghosh

Vishal Jain
Siddharth kr Sethia

A big thanks to all participants, Vice President Gex Mr Saurabh Agarwal, senior Bikash Saraf, Raunak Poddar for organising.

Seniors Kamal Prakash Agarwal, Anil Agrawal, Binay Yadav, Sanjay Kumar Yadav, Rajesh Saraf, Bijay Fatehpuria , Arpit Bansal & others.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Distribution of study materials and uniform to the Adult Literacy Project students

Distribution of study materials and uniform to the Adult Literacy Project students, run by DBL Alumni.

We are extremely grateful and thankful to Fr Davis Veliyen, Rector of the House for his gracious presence and blessings.

Thanks to Anil Agrawal and Kamal Prakash Agarwal for their tireless efforts and to all members who were present.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Starting of stitching classes for AEP students

Our sewing classes for Adult Literacy Project students starting from today. The students have been divided into two batches. Classes will be held on every Saturday from 4pm to 5.30 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 12.30 pm.
The initiative of Stiching Classes was taken up by our President, Mr Biswanath Trivedi, under the guidance of our Delegate, Fr Manoj.

A very good initiative of making the AEP girls self sufficient. Request members to join and be a part of the AEP project.

Kamal bhaiya is very much associated with AEP and DBL Alumni since long. And we thank him for sponsoring the sewing machines.

We are extremely grateful and thankful to Fr Davis, Fr Manoj and the Salesians for extending their full support towards our activities.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Interactive session for AEP students

Dr. Ekta N Saxena is Oral and Dental surgeon, who holds Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry from Apollo Gleneagles Hospital and Certification in Advanced Dentistry from Royal College of Surgeons of England and is serving as a Medical Officer in a Government Super Specialty Hospital. She is also associated with Arogya Niketan nursing Home, Uttarpara, as the Quality Control Advisor.

Dr. Ekta N Saxena hosted an interactive session for AEP students today from 6 pm where she spoke on oral and personal hygiene and took questions on various social issues that women face in their daily life. A very good session beneficial for the students.🙏

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Picnic Day of AEP students

The Hindi Film Show was held at INOX, Liluah starting from 9.15 am, followed by lunch at DBL around 12.30 pm. After lunch, we had some games and music at our school followed by tea and snacks. The name of the movie was Tu Jhoota Mein Makaar.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Football Tournament

You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat .”

The most popular game, Football, people are very passionate about this game.

Our gex was in full gear, brimming with renewed confidence to give their best.

Passion and love brings us play , to give our best.

It's practice that makes us perfect and DBL boarding students proved that team work is very essential to be on the better side

Our boarding students with consistent attacks won 4-1 today.

We thank Fr Rector Fr Davis, Our Delegate Fr Manoj, Fr Anand, Fr Mani and Bro Lawrence Mondal for their support.

Thanks to the all the players of DBL family.

We will have more sporting activities in coming months

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Last Mehandi class of AEP girls

Thanks to Mrs. Jyotsana Mittal, wife of Mr. Mahip Mittal for conducting this wonderful workshop 👍

Monday, January 30, 2023

Feast Day Celebrations at Don Bosco Ashalayam

Don Bosco Ashalayam an orphanage, taking care of 250 children. A noble initiative of our Salesians.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Double wicket Cricket tournament 2023

We had a very exciting game of cricket 🏏. A good response/ turnout gives a lot of satisfaction to the organizers. 24 teams participated. Batting, bowling, fielding was full of enthusiasm.

Today's tournament was inaugurated by our Delegate Rev Fr Manoj Jose. Fr too hit a four and a six.

The semifinalist were Abhimanyu Rai & Nilesh Saraf
Prashant Saraf & Akshat Somani

Best fielder _Nikunj Somani

Runners up - Rajiv Tikmany & Chirag Agarwal

Winners were - Bikash Saraf and Nikunj Somani

Congratulations to all the winners, after it is the spirit of brotherhood that wins.
The winners were awarded prizes by Rev Fr Anand Raj, Administrator DBL.

We thank Fr Rector, Rev Fr Davis Veliyen, our Delegate Rev Fr Manoj Jose, Fr Anand, senior members, a special moments of thanks to all who participated.

Bikash Saraf and Saurabh Ag for organizing, Anil Agrawal for the snacks.
And above let us pray to our founding father St Don Bosco to bless us all in his feast day.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Mega Reunion 2023


On behalf of DBL Alumni, DBL and the entire fraternity of the institution, first of all, i extend my thanks to Almighty God for making the MEGA REUNION OF DBL PAST PUPILS held on Sunday January 15, a resounding success.

With his blessings and grace, we were able to make this day as a red letter day in the annals of the DBL Alumni. Let us thank our Founding Father St Don Bosco for bringing us together.

It was the inspiration of Fr Davis and our Delegate Fr Manoj Jose, that we could go in a big way. The day went out the way our as Delegate Fr Manoj Jose had envisaged. He ensured that from every angle it should be a MEGA one and yes it turned out to be the same.

An idea is conceived, a plan is made, to make it fruitful lot of efforts have to be made and the most important aspect is offcourse the eye catching presentation.

Yes we were able to somehow do it with a wonderful diligent, dedicated and devoted team who always put in a lot of hardwork in successfully holding an event.

Our sincere appreciation to all the Salesians present, The Provincial of Kolkata, Rev Fr Joseph Pauria,

South Asia Salesian Family Delegate Rev Fr Joseph Manipadam , Fr Bertie Fernandes, Fr Thomas Gomes, Fr George Chempakathinal , Fr Joe Pathickal, Fr C M Paul,

The Rector of DBL Rev Fr Davis Veliyan Veliyen, Our administrator Fr Anand Raj, Our guardian Rev Fr Manoj Jose , Fr Jaison Nedumkallel and Br Lawrence Mondal

We thank you all for your gracious presence.

The love care and support and cooperation of our Salesians has nurtured DBL Alumni over the years. We are extremely grateful to the Salesians of house for supporting and guiding us.

We are grateful for our retired teachers and our present teachers of DBL for making this day cherishing, infact it was the presence of the respected teachers which made the reunion complete. Salutations to all the teachers.

We have inherited a very rich legacy, the testament of the hardwork put in by our seniors. We thank earnestly our past Presidents, Aurobindo Bannerjee, Kishan Sony , Binod Adukia , Manoj Agarwal , Vinod Agarwal and Rajiv Tikmany .

Infact Vinod Agarwal sir has been guiding and encouraging us from day one all the way from Delhi and was instrumental in the presence of past Delegates as well in the financial needs.

Our biggest applauds for all our alumnus for turning up in large numbers. They proved their love and respect for their Alma Mater by turning up from different parts of India and abroad. What a turnout, hats off. My regards to all of you. Accolades for the monitors, splendidly done- getting your batchmates back to school, 2001 batch, Mahip Mittal as their monitor leading with 70 plus. We were all there from 1969 to 2022, enjoying the special moments - school assembly, prayers, classrooms, teachers, high tea, foot tapping music and food.

My gratitude and appreciation to our sponsors Mr Sudhir Maheshwari,Mr Dilip Bhutoria , The ISC 1982 batch, The 1976 batch, The 2001 batch, Gupta Jewellers, Ashok Sinha, Rajesh Jain and others besides all other individual sponsors.

We need to thank Sir Angshuman Chakraborty Chakraborty IC Belur for his continuous support, media Partner T2 and radio partner FM.

Then, we thank our alumnus Samrat Sarkar t for his excellent performance enthralling the audience. Samrat our star brightened the evening.

The non teaching staff led by Edward Toppo for always giving the backup. With out their support it is impossible to hold a big event in DBL.

The force behind the scenes and the success, Our Delegate Rev Fr Manoj Jose, we past pupils are extremely indebted to you for giving us this joyous day.

Thanks to team DBL Alumni, Mr Binod Adukia, Kamal Prakash Agarwal, Anil Agrawal, Yogesh Goel, Mahip Mittal, Raunak Agarwal, Rajesh Saraf, Bikash Saraf, Binay Yadav, Sanjay Yadav, Raunak Poddar, Rajesh Kakrania Alkesh Kakrania, Pradip Khaitan, Abhishek Sharma, Abhimany Rai Arpit Bansal Raghav Ag Debayan Basu Sailesh Gupta Prateek Singh Swarnava Hati and dear Saurabh Agarwal .

Thanks to Rajesh and Alkesh Kakrania for sponsoring the 360 degree selfie corner.

Team DBL Alumni
*पसीने की स्याही से जो लिखते हैं इरादें को,
उसके मुक्कद्दर के सफ़ेद पन्ने कभी कोरे नही होते...

Don't Forget
ভুলবেন না
मत भूलना
ਨਾ ਭੁੱਲੋ
ભૂલશો નહીં

We shall meet again for the next reunion.
Ye Nasha barkarar rehna chahiye.

स्कूल का पहला दिन और आखिरी
दिन एक जैसा था दोनो बार आँखो मे
आंसू थे पर दोनो बार रोने की वजह अलग थी !

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Beautician course for AEP

A course on beauty techniques held for the second-year participants of the Adult Literacy Project.

Mahendi Class for AEP students

A Mahendi class was held for first-year AEP students, led by Madam Jotsana Mittal, who is the wife of our member, Mr. Mahip Mittal.