All registered members of DBL Alumni are hereby notified that the 56th AGM of DBL Alumni will be held on Sunday September 10 from 9:30 am onwards. You can check your membership at

Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Celebration of the Golden jubilee of the religious profession of Rev Fr Thomas Gomes and Bro Theophilus Turkey.

Silver jubilee celebrations of the religious profession of Fr Ananda Raj and Bro Lawrence Mondal

On behalf of the entire DBL Past pupils fraternity I extend my most sincere thanks to the Almighty God for guiding our Salesians on their journey to the service of mankind.

Extremely grateful for the invitation to be part of the celebrations.

Congratulations to Fr Manoj Jose for the success of the event. Very very appreciative of the hard work undertaken for the success of the event. Splendid job done - well done- momentous occasion.

Thanks to our Salesians and non teaching staff for all the hard work.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Distribution of Ration at Shimuldhari Village in Midnapore

Rejuvenation of Soul
Distribution of Ration at Shimuldhari Village in Midnapore along with Rev Fr. Mani Manuel.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Annual Blood Donation Camp

The indomitable spirit

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.

Today's blood donation camp held was a little different than what we were doing earlier. We had Teachers and parents of DBL as donors of the blood donation camp, courtesy Fr. Manoj Jose.

The difference was the coming together of people of different dimensions, to converge on a common mission. Lot of people were working hard to ensure a bigger, better approach to the camp. Every year (except last year) we have always tried to put up a very good show with considerable amount of support and guidance from our Salesian Father's. I would like to thank Fr. Thomas Gomes, Fr. Manoj Jose, Fr. Anandraj and Fr. Mani for their gracious presence. Heartiest thanks to the members of the Lions Club of Howrah also for their presence.

No event can be done without a proper decorated venue. Anil Agrawal deserves the accolades for this as well as for the snacks. I extend my thanks to Kamal Agarwal, Saurabh Ag, Raunak Poddar, Arpit Bansal, Yogesh Goel, Naresh Poddar, Mahip Mittal, Sanjay, Binay Yadav, Vishal Adukia, Nikhil Ag, Bikash Saraf, etc for their hardwork. Simultaneously we acknowledge the support of the seniors Kamal Agarwal, Binod Adukia, Santosh Agarwal, Rajiv Tikmany, Vineet Agarwal and Raj Lohariwal.

The absence of a large chunk of regular donors from our membership roster is most shocking and painful. Also is a disspointment of many regular members being absent from our events.

My heartfelt thanks to all the donors and to all who turned up. We had 112 registrations in total. With 11 rejections we had 101 donors. A good number owing to the current scenario.

Let's become more involved in future.

With regards,
Biswanath Trivedi

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Voluntary Blood Donation Camp at DBL

Dear Alumnus & Well Wishers,

As there is considerable amount of shortage of blood, a blood donation camp will be held at DBL on Sunday, 3rd October '21 from 9:30 AM to 2 PM.

Donating blood is the greatest gift a human can give to another, as blood cannot be manufactured but the scarcity can only be filled in by blood donation. Any healthy person between 18-65 years age, having a weight of 45 kgs and above who has Haemoglobin level of 12.5% can donate.

The camp is being organized by DBL Alumni, DBL Technical & DB Mirpara units. Let's come together to participate in this noble cause.

The link to register your participation for the camp is

This is required and is being done keeping in mind the current times where we need to plan everything in advance.

Biswanath Trivedi

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Free Vaccination Camp at DBL

Dear members,

Yesterday we vaccinated 400 people, with the 1st and 2nd dose of Covishield Vaccine.

This time we had 40 disabled persons of whom 18 were blind , they had come all the way from Burdwan and Hooghly districts to avail free Vaccination. It was very enriching experience as well an encouragement to do more.

I would offer my gratitude to our Delegate Rev. Fr Thomas Gomes for inspiring us in our social activities. Thanks to Fr Manoj Jose of being very very supportive, Salesians Fr Anand,Fr Mani and Bro Lawrence Mondol too have been always with us.

On behalf of DBL Alumni, I thank Mr Gautam Chaudhari, MLA, North Howrah constituency,

Dr Rana Chatterjee, MLA , Bally constituency, for their presence and promise of being available for DBL Alumni. Ex Councillor Rajiv Thaman needs to be thanked.

The force behind the camp was our senior member Mr Kamal Prakash Agarwal who also sponsored the same. God bless you Kamal bhaiya.

Mr Anil Agrawal the driving force, who had practically did all the logistics and also took care of all the remaining expenses of the camp. 👏🏻👏🏻

We acknowledged the presence of our alumnus Mr Dilip Bhutoria, despite his very busy schedule was present with us throughout the day, with the commitment of his support to our medical clinic.

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen- DBL ALUMNI

I would like to give a big thanks to all my colleagues for working tirelessly on the frontline to care for the people in need. I am very appreciative of the amount of hardwork put in by all, lead by the youngsters Saurabh Ag, Raunak Poddar, Naresh Poddar, Raunak Ag, Sanjay Yadav, Yogesh Goel, Bikash Saraf, Vineet Agarwal,Arpit Bansal, Sandip Goyal, Suraj Shukla,

Vivek Agrawal, Raghav Agarwal ,Dr Piyush Pandey, Suyash Trivedi,

Mukesh Choudhary, Bijay Fatehpuria, Vijay Chapparia, Rajesh Saraf, IPP Mr Rajiv Tikmany and others.

Dear volunteers , your commitment to making a difference in these unprecedented and challenging times is very inspiring.

My special thanks to the non teaching staff for their services.

Let us continue to be positive in our approach, find ways to address issues, to do things differently and make continuous improvement.


Biswanath Trivedi

Sunday, September 12, 2021

54th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear Members,

Thanks for your presence and active participation in the 54th Annual General Meeting of DBL Alumni held today.

We appreciate you all for sparing your valuable time and sharing valuable input.

For your reference the photos sharing has been initiated in the website.

We would request one and all to visit to keep yourself updated with the latest updates of DBL ALUMNI .

In future also, we look forward for your active participation, support and suggestion.

Special thanks to our Delegate for his inspiring words and advise. Same to our seniors for their love and suggestions.

DBL Alumni

*सीढ़िया उन्हें मुबारक हो
जिन्हे सिर्फ छत तक जाना है
मेरी मंजिल तो आसमां है
रास्ता खुद मुझे बनाना है*

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

54th Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Final Notice

Dear Members of the Bosconian Family,

Greetings! The legacy of our Association is carried since more than five decades. By the passage of every year we learn and try to strengthen and reach out to more and more people, society through our work and actions which was the aim we learnt from St. Don Bosco.

As per the last mail we invite all the registered members of Don Bosco Alumni, Liluah to the Fifty fourth Annual General Meeting of the alumni to be held on Sunday, 12th September 2021 from 10.00 A.M. in the premises of Don Bosco School, Liluah, Howrah-711204. The registered members are requested to attend the AGM.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

~ 10.00 A.M.
Registration, Fellowship, Tea.

~ 11.00 A.M.
Meeting to be called to order by the chair followed by the Alumni Prayer.

~ 11.35 A.M.
a) President’s welcome speech.
b) Minutes of the last AGM held on 19th May 2019 to be read and adopted by the house.
c) Secretarial report 2019-20 & 2020-21 by the Secretary.
d) Presentation of Accounts by the Treasurer.
e) Reports of the Adult Education Project & Free Medical Unit.

~ 12.15 PM.
Open House discussion, followed with any other matter with the permission of the chair.
(Discussion on the future working vis a vis the prevailing corona pandemic.)

~ 12:45 P.M.
Delegate’s speech

~ 01.00 PM
Vote of thanks

~ 01.30 P.M.
Group photo followed by refreshments.

If you have any queries then please feel free to contact the President directly at latest by 10th September 2021.

Looking forward to meet you and have a constructive discussion over innovative ideas and suggestions from your end as we enter in our 54th Year.

With warm regards and best wishes,

Yours in Don Bosco,
Naresh Poddar

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Teachers Day celebrations - AEP

The greatest teacher in life is the one who inspires. A teacher is like a guiding light in the lives of their students. They are like candles emitting a light so that students will begin to see the world more clearly. A good TEACHER is like a candle – it consumes itself to LIGHT the way for others.

A very big thanks to Anil Agrawal, Kamal Agarwal, the students of AEP and regards to the teachers of AEP for such a wonderful program.

Extremely grateful to The Principal Fr Manoj Jose, Fr Anand, Fr Mani, Bro Lawrence Mondol for their presence and inspiring words. Our Delegate Fr Thomas Gomes has expressed his warm wishes expressing his happiness for the enthusiasm shown by the AEP girls.

It was very encouraging to witness the presence of so many past pupils, the birthday boy Kamal Prakash Agarwal, Mr.Binod Adukia, Binay Yadav, Sanjay Yadav, Vineet Agarwal, Rajesh Saraf, Bikash Saraf, Bijay Singh, Mahip Mittal, Mukesh Choudhary, Ashish Debnath, Arpit Bansal, Raunak Poddar Saurabh Agarwal and others who were present to support the AEP girls.

Kudos to our AEP girls for the wonderful Teachers Day celebrations.

Once again splendid job Anil Agrawal for the day including the delicious refreshments. Very appreciative of Kamal Agarwal for sponsoring the food.

Let us remain committed to the values of sharing and caring.

*St John Bosco- It is not enough to love the young.

They must know that they are loved*

Biswanath Trivedi
Don Bosco Alumni Liluah

Friday, September 3, 2021

2nd Covishield Vaccination Camp at DBL


Friends, today we had the 2nd Covid Vaccination Camp, about 250 candidates were administered Covishield Vaccine.

We bow in gratitude for the support and help offered to us by the Salesians of the house. Our Delegate & Rector Fr Thomas Gomes, Fr Manoj Jose our Principal, Fr Anand, Fr Mani and Bro Lawrence Mondol for their presence.
Despite being a working day I am really grateful for our alumnus volunteers who had a very tedious task. Mr Kamal Ag, Anil Agrawal, Binay Yadav, Kaifi Azmi, Sanjay Yadav, Bikash Saraf, Naresh Poddar, Raunak Ag, Yogesh Goel, Mahip Mittal, Abhishek Sharma, Arpit Bansal, Raunak Poddar, Raghav Arora, Prabhat Saraf, Dr Piush Pandey, Vivek Agrawal & others - THANKS! Special thanks to Saurabh Agarwal for being very active - And offcourse the non-teaching staff led by Edward.👍👍

“If one is to do good, he must have a little courage, be ready for sacrifice, deal affably with all and never slight anybody. By following this method I have always had significant success, in fact, marvelous success.” DON BOSCO


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Covid Vaccination Camp at DBL - 3rd September 2021

---- NOTE ----

Please carry photocopy of your ID proof (registered with CoWin) and 1st dose certificate.

This is to inform you that the Covishield Vaccination camp will be held on 3rd September 2021 between 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM at Don Bosco School Liluah. Hence no slot or schedule needed. You can come at your comfortable timing within the time period given.

Dear friends, let me thank for the overwhelming response to our Covid Vaccination camp held on the 8th and 9th of June 2021.

The timing of the 2nd dose starts from about 31st August onwards, so we have decided to hold the 2nd camp to facilitate you all in getting jabbed. Even 1st dose applicants can apply.

The link for the payment is Kindly fill all the required details.

The camp is scheduled to be held on 3rd September 2021 at Don Bosco School Liluah. Covishield vaccine is to be administered. In case of any queries plz feel free to contact - 9831424474, 9903053153, 9163831804, 8100934958, 9331869376

We are extremely grateful to Fr Rector Fr Thomas Gomes and the Principal Fr Manoj Jose for their invaluable support.

Plz remember-
1. 2nd dose only upon completion of 12 weeks after 1st dose of CoviShield.
2. In case of persons infected with Covid, they can get vaccinated only 3 months after recovery from Covid.
3. Each eligible candidate needs to be pre-registered and have a reference ID on CoWIN.
4. Only prepaid and prescheduled persons will be vaccinated here.
5. All updates from hereon will be provided at - We will keep updating you through our website.

Biswanath Trivedi
Don Bosco Alumni Liluah

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations - AEP

Raksha Bandhan
Raksha is protection
Bandhan is the promise.

Our ancient festival Rakshabandhan epitomizes the great honour a sister bestows on her brother. It is pride for the brother, a medal of commitment. It teaches the value of eternal bond, of love and compassion. A reminder that we in life should be governed by the basic values of sharing and caring, to take care of the deprived and marginalized. This is what our founding Father, St Don Bosco had dreamt of, that is how one the largest system, " The preventive system of education" is being taught and practised by the Salesians all over the world.

My gratitude to Fr Rector Fr Thomas Gomes, The Principal Fr Manoj Jose, Fr Anand, Fr Mani and Bro Lawrence for their presence today, a big appreciation for their continuous support, the AEP coordinators Mr Kamal and Mr Anil Agrawal for the wonderful initiative, Binod Adukia, Binay & Sanjay Yadav, Mahip Mittal, Raunak Poddar, Naresh Poddar, Raghav Arora and the AEP girls all deserve accolades. Thank you all.

मोल नहीं कोई इस बंधन का
यह त्यौहार त्यौहार नहीं एक भावना है।।
Happy Raksha Bandhan

Monday, August 16, 2021

206th St. Don Bosco b'day celebrations 2021

DBL Dear Past Pupils and friends of Don Bosco,

DBL ALUMNI celebrated the 206th birthday of St John Bosco, the founder of the Salesian congregation in the august presence of the Respected Salesians, Fr Thomas Gomes, Fr Manoj Jose, Fr Mani, Fr Anandaraj, Fr K P Thomas, Fr Francis, Bro Lawrence Mondol.

Floral tributes, hymns were offered followed by dance by the Adult Literacy Project students.

As per the covid protocol, attendees were less.

We are really grateful to our respected Salesians for their support, guidance and cooperation. Fr Mani, Bro Lawrence Mondol and the technical students- staff, the non- teaching staff, the Adult Literacy Project students, Anil Agrawal for the venue, Yogesh Goel for the photos, and special thanks to all who were with us today to offer gratitude to Don Bosco.

Long Live Don Bosco.

“DON BOSCO - A man with a Fantastic Creativity, Marvelous Courage, Apostolic Interiority, Tireless Capacity, Rich Sensitivity and Generous Love.

Yours in Don Bosco
Biswanath Trivedi
DBL Alumni

Here are some of the pictures from the celebrations. All pictures and videos can be viewed and downloaded from HERE.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Welcoming of Respected Salesians

"Gratitude; my cup overfloweth.” — Anonymous

“Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows, and the more power you have to use it on your behalf. If you do not practice gratefulness, its benefaction will go unnoticed, and your capacity to draw on its gifts will be diminished. To be grateful is to find blessings in everything. This is the most powerful attitude to adopt, for there are blessings in everything.” — Alan Cohen

Dear Past pupils and friends of Don Bosco school Liluah,

As per the  Apostolic Assignments of Kolkata Province. DBL Alumni  welcomed our respected Salesians today *Sunday27th June at 5PM*

*Apostolic Assignments 2020-2021*

-Fr. Mani Manuel - Principal ( Technical) Boarding incharge, Pastoral Ministry & HC.
-Fr. A. Anand Raj - Bursar & I C Evening School. (We could not welcome last year due to covid 19 restrictions.)

*Apostolic  Assignments 2021-2022*

-Fr. Vadakken Francis- IC Boarding & Assistant Parish Priest, HC
-Fr. Chooranolical Manoj Jose- Vice Rector, Principal, Teacher, Parish Ministry.
-Bro. Mondal Lawrence- Assistant Principal Workshop Supervision.

It was a very enriching experience as after the introduction by Fr Rector  Rev Thomas Gomes, we had requested all our Salesians to speak about themselves.

They gave us a brief about their journey in serving the youth and the community at large  by uplifting the lives of the marginalized sections.

The alumni members too shared their thoughts.

A small insight about the journey of DBL Alumni was shared. The DBL Alumni started its journey in 1967 and since it has outgrown into a very vibrant unit- a fruit of the relentless hardwork  of our Salesians and seniors turning the unit in its present form.

*We wish all our Salesians a wonderful ministry and God's blessings in abundance to guide and direct the DBL fraternity*

We thank Fr K. V. Mathew and Bro. Theophilus Tirkey for their commitment and valuable service to DBL.

*"If one is to do good, he must have a little courage, be ready for sacrifice, deal affably with all and never slight anybody. By following this method I have always had significant success, infact, marvelous success." DON BOSCO*

Warm regards
Biswanath Trivedi
DBL Alumni

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Farewell to Rev. Fr K. V. Mathew & Bro Tirkey Theophilus

DBL Alumni accorded farewell to Rev. Fr K. V. Mathew & Bro Theophilus on today.

Fr. Kadenkuzhy Mathew is moving to Don Bosco Vidyaniketan Parish as Principal and Bursar. Don Bosco Kalyani an upcoming school now caters to students upto class 5.

Bro Tirkey Theophilus to Don Bosco SERI Mirpara- Helping in workshop and Salesian supervision.

We wish Father & Bro God's grace on their journey of service to mankind.

*May you continue to be sustained by His grace and may your life in God's service, always be filled with joy*


Sunday, June 6, 2021

Slot, Time & Date for Vaccination at DBL on 8th & 9th June 2021

AAKANKSH MAHAJAN2000111:00 AM9th June 2021
Aakash Shaw1991212:00 PM9th June 2021
Aakash Tibrewal1994212:00 PM9th June 2021
Abhilasha Agarwal1984111:00 AM8th June 2021
ABHILASHA JAISWAL199454:00 PM8th June 2021
Abhinab Mishra199954:00 PM8th June 2021
Abhisek Dhanuka199254:00 PM8th June 2021
Abhisekh Mishra 1982212:00 PM8th June 2021
Abhishek Agarwal1977212:00 PM8th June 2021
Abhishek Budha198654:00 PM9th June 2021
ABHISHEK KANORIA198554:00 PM8th June 2021
Abhishek Singh200043:00 PM8th June 2021
Abhishek Singh1995212:00 PM9th June 2021
ADARSH AGARWALLA200254:00 PM9th June 2021
Aditi Didwania199554:00 PM8th June 2021
Aditi Kedia1991111:00 AM9th June 2021
ADITYA MADHOGORIA198843:00 PM8th June 2021
Aditya Shaw1995212:00 PM9th June 2021
Adrina Banik1984111:00 AM8th June 2021
Agnes Chandrima Banik1983111:00 AM8th June 2021
Ajay Chandak1999111:00 AM9th June 2021
AJAY DIXIT198331:00 PM8th June 2021
AJAY MAHESHWARI1956111:00 AM8th June 2021
AKANSHA SUREKA1998212:00 PM8th June 2021
Akash Dhanuka1988111:00 AM8th June 2021
Akash Saraswat 198954:00 PM9th June 2021
Akhileshwar kumar gupta194754:00 PM9th June 2021
AKSHAT MAHESHWARI1998111:00 AM8th June 2021
Akshat Somani1993111:00 AM8th June 2021
Alka Mittal1978212:00 PM9th June 2021
Alpana Sen195943:00 PM9th June 2021
AMAN GOEL199954:00 PM9th June 2021
Aman Sinha 200043:00 PM9th June 2021
Amisha Khetan200031:00 PM8th June 2021
Amit Gupta197654:00 PM9th June 2021
AMIT KUMAR MITTAL1994212:00 PM8th June 2021
AMIT TOLAMBIA1986212:00 PM8th June 2021
Amrit Kumar Singh199431:00 PM8th June 2021
AMRITA JAISWAL198954:00 PM8th June 2021
Anamitra Mukherjee196954:00 PM9th June 2021
Anant Jaiswal200154:00 PM8th June 2021
Angelo Kitt200243:00 PM8th June 2021
Anil Kumar199843:00 PM8th June 2021
Anirudh kanodia199654:00 PM8th June 2021
Anish Agarwal1994111:00 AM8th June 2021
Anisha Agarwal199743:00 PM9th June 2021
ANITA AGARWAL198331:00 PM9th June 2021
Anita kejriwal1962111:00 AM8th June 2021
Anjali Agarwal2002212:00 PM9th June 2021
Anjali Poddar1999111:00 AM9th June 2021
Anju Saraswat1984111:00 AM8th June 2021
ANKIT BANSAL198443:00 PM8th June 2021
Ankit Garg1989212:00 PM8th June 2021
ANKIT JHUNJHUNWALA199043:00 PM8th June 2021
Ankit Kanoria1996111:00 AM9th June 2021
Ankita Gupta199731:00 PM9th June 2021
Ankita Saraswat199254:00 PM9th June 2021
Ankita Shaw199143:00 PM9th June 2021
Annapurna Gupta1979212:00 PM9th June 2021
Anraaj kalra1993212:00 PM9th June 2021
ANSHU RAO1992212:00 PM8th June 2021
Anshu Singh200143:00 PM8th June 2021
Antara Mehta199654:00 PM8th June 2021
Anu Jaiswal198243:00 PM8th June 2021
ANU SHAW1974212:00 PM8th June 2021
ANUJ KUMAR GARG1955111:00 AM9th June 2021
Anupam Rai199531:00 PM8th June 2021
Anuradha Roy1981212:00 PM9th June 2021
Anushay Jain200043:00 PM8th June 2021
Anushka Jain199643:00 PM8th June 2021
Aparna Patra197731:00 PM9th June 2021
APARNA SEN1974111:00 AM8th June 2021
ARANYA SHIL1994212:00 PM8th June 2021
ARCHANA SARAF1972212:00 PM8th June 2021
Archana singh198943:00 PM9th June 2021
Arindam Bhattacharjee198031:00 PM9th June 2021
ARPITA MUKHERJEE1986111:00 AM8th June 2021
Arup Bandyopadhyay1953212:00 PM9th June 2021
ARUP DAS196754:00 PM9th June 2021
ARVIND SARAF198443:00 PM9th June 2021
Aryan Gupta200243:00 PM9th June 2021
Aryan jaiswal2003212:00 PM9th June 2021
Aryan Sinha200243:00 PM9th June 2021
Asha Sureka1980111:00 AM9th June 2021
Ashish Joshi1985111:00 AM9th June 2021
Ashish kedia199454:00 PM8th June 2021
ASHISH KUMAR JAISWAL199854:00 PM8th June 2021
Ashish Singhania198454:00 PM8th June 2021
ASHTO SARKAR1975111:00 AM9th June 2021
Ashvin Khanna1997212:00 PM9th June 2021
Ashwani Jaiswal198454:00 PM9th June 2021
Ashwini jaiswal2000212:00 PM9th June 2021
Asit Baran Ghosh1953212:00 PM9th June 2021
Atasi Bhattacharjee198431:00 PM9th June 2021
Atul Agarwal198543:00 PM9th June 2021
atul chamaria199943:00 PM9th June 2021
Ayush Agarwal1990111:00 AM9th June 2021
Ayush Dixit 199954:00 PM9th June 2021
Ayush Kumar singhania200054:00 PM8th June 2021
AYUSH SINGHANIA1994212:00 PM8th June 2021
Ayushe Sood200231:00 PM9th June 2021
Ayushi Khetan199631:00 PM8th June 2021
BABITA MITTAL1973111:00 AM8th June 2021
Baby ray197843:00 PM8th June 2021
Baisakhi Sain1979111:00 AM8th June 2021
Baishakhi Mitra 1982111:00 AM8th June 2021
Bandana BhattacharjeE197454:00 PM9th June 2021
BANDANA SHOW196854:00 PM9th June 2021
Basabi kaur1962111:00 AM9th June 2021
Beauty Paul197543:00 PM8th June 2021
Bhavuk Agarwal 2000212:00 PM9th June 2021
Bhawna Agarwal199843:00 PM8th June 2021
Bijay Karmakar197954:00 PM9th June 2021
Bikash Pathak197931:00 PM8th June 2021
Bimal murarka1960111:00 AM9th June 2021
Binod kr goel1962111:00 AM8th June 2021
Biswajit Chakraborty1991111:00 AM8th June 2021
Biswarup Sain1979111:00 AM8th June 2021
Brij Mohan Mittal196431:00 PM9th June 2021
Brij Mohan Parashar196231:00 PM9th June 2021
Brijesh Parashar197131:00 PM9th June 2021
BULU MUKHERJEE1959111:00 AM8th June 2021
Chanda Rai1984111:00 AM8th June 2021
Chandan Choudhary1986111:00 AM9th June 2021
CHANDANA DIXIT197831:00 PM8th June 2021
DAAMINI GUPTA1996212:00 PM8th June 2021
DEBDAS SAMANTA1981212:00 PM8th June 2021
DEBNATH SARKAR1988111:00 AM9th June 2021
DEBOJYOTI BANERJEE200231:00 PM8th June 2021
Deepa Mishra199931:00 PM8th June 2021
Deepak Dhanania1977111:00 AM9th June 2021
Devaleena Ghosh Kolay1980111:00 AM9th June 2021
Dhanit Agarwal199731:00 PM8th June 2021
Dhiraj Agarwal1997111:00 AM9th June 2021
DIBYENDU DAS199854:00 PM9th June 2021
Diksha Mittal1994212:00 PM8th June 2021
Dipannita Das 1988111:00 AM8th June 2021
DIPIKA BANSAL198643:00 PM8th June 2021
DIPIKA GUPTA199243:00 PM9th June 2021
Disha Sharma199643:00 PM8th June 2021
DIVYA GOEL200154:00 PM9th June 2021
Divya Goyal199631:00 PM9th June 2021
DOLLY PANDEY198743:00 PM8th June 2021
Dolly poddar1977212:00 PM9th June 2021
DRISHTI TAYAL1999212:00 PM8th June 2021
Ekta Hada198031:00 PM9th June 2021
EKTA JAISWAL199454:00 PM8th June 2021
ESITA BUDHIA200154:00 PM9th June 2021
Gagandip singh199631:00 PM8th June 2021
Gargi Bose197143:00 PM9th June 2021
GITA NAYAK196854:00 PM9th June 2021
Goldy Kolay 1977111:00 AM9th June 2021
Gopal Agarwal200231:00 PM9th June 2021
Gopal Agarwal198054:00 PM9th June 2021
Gopal Mishra199631:00 PM8th June 2021
Gour chandra Kolay 1946111:00 AM9th June 2021
Gourango Show195954:00 PM9th June 2021
Gourav Bajaj199231:00 PM9th June 2021
GOURAV DHANANIA200254:00 PM8th June 2021
Gourav Kumar Agarwal197831:00 PM9th June 2021
Guddi Agarwal 198043:00 PM9th June 2021
GURPREET KAUR MATHARU 199331:00 PM9th June 2021
Hansel Dominic Reay2001212:00 PM9th June 2021
HARISH GOEL1982111:00 AM9th June 2021
Harish Malhotra197031:00 PM9th June 2021
Harshita Agarwal199631:00 PM8th June 2021
Harshvardhan Sharma 200231:00 PM8th June 2021
Hemant Kumar singhania200254:00 PM8th June 2021
Hemlata Agarwal 1978212:00 PM9th June 2021
Hridesh Singhal199554:00 PM8th June 2021
Indira Yadav196554:00 PM8th June 2021
Indrajit Bose196543:00 PM9th June 2021
Indraneel Banik Mazumder1989212:00 PM9th June 2021
INDRANI SHAW197954:00 PM9th June 2021
Indrashis Chatterjee 199531:00 PM9th June 2021
Isha Sharma200343:00 PM8th June 2021
Ivani Konar1991111:00 AM9th June 2021
JACINTHA PRITHI D ROZARIO1976111:00 AM8th June 2021
Jason John Osta199954:00 PM9th June 2021
JASPREET SINGH ROOPRAI199343:00 PM9th June 2021
Jaswinder Singh sohal1978111:00 AM9th June 2021
Jayati Mukherjee197754:00 PM9th June 2021
Jitendra Kumar Singh199131:00 PM8th June 2021
JOSEPH JOSE CHIRAYATH197654:00 PM9th June 2021
JUGAL KISHOR SONI196654:00 PM9th June 2021
Jyoti kumari199243:00 PM9th June 2021
Jyoti Mishra1986212:00 PM8th June 2021
Jyoti Soni199954:00 PM8th June 2021
JYOTI SONI197354:00 PM9th June 2021
JYOTSANA MITTAL1985212:00 PM8th June 2021
Kakali Dey1974111:00 AM9th June 2021
KAMAL BANSAL196943:00 PM8th June 2021
KANCHAN AGARWAL199643:00 PM8th June 2021
Kanchan Agarwal1994111:00 AM9th June 2021
Kanchan Shukla198031:00 PM9th June 2021
Kanhaiyalal Jaisawal195354:00 PM8th June 2021
Karavi biswas mitra199254:00 PM8th June 2021
Kaushalya Sharma1952111:00 AM9th June 2021
Kaushik Jhunjhunwala1999111:00 AM9th June 2021
Kaustav Banerjee199531:00 PM9th June 2021
KHUSHBU SINGH 199454:00 PM8th June 2021
Khushi Tibrewal1981111:00 AM9th June 2021
Khushid Alam195554:00 PM9th June 2021
Kishan Agarwal197931:00 PM9th June 2021
KOMAL AGARWAL199743:00 PM8th June 2021
Komal Didwania199454:00 PM8th June 2021
KOUSTAV CHOWDHURY 199931:00 PM9th June 2021
Kriti Rungta200331:00 PM8th June 2021
Kunal Agarwal1995111:00 AM8th June 2021
Kunal Agarwal198931:00 PM9th June 2021
Kushal Kumar Gupta198854:00 PM9th June 2021
Kusum Singh195343:00 PM8th June 2021
LAKI DAS198854:00 PM9th June 2021
Lila Bati Debi Jaisawal195554:00 PM8th June 2021
Luxmi Chakraborty196331:00 PM9th June 2021
Madhu Kedia1968212:00 PM8th June 2021
MADHUR PODDAR198354:00 PM8th June 2021
MAHESH KUMAR SEWDA1960212:00 PM8th June 2021
MAHIP MITTAL1982212:00 PM9th June 2021
Mamta Rungta198331:00 PM8th June 2021
Manav Kanodia199854:00 PM8th June 2021
Manav Tibrewal1997212:00 PM9th June 2021
Manish Agarwal1990111:00 AM8th June 2021
Manish Dutt Shrimali1976111:00 AM8th June 2021
Manish Gupta1985212:00 PM9th June 2021
manish jaiswal1985212:00 PM9th June 2021
MANISH KUMAR GOEL1978111:00 AM8th June 2021
MANISHA CHOUDHARY1984111:00 AM9th June 2021
Manisha Singh1990111:00 AM9th June 2021
Manisha Singhania199331:00 PM8th June 2021
Manju Devi Gupta196554:00 PM9th June 2021
MANJU GARG1962111:00 AM9th June 2021
MANOJ KUMAR AGARWAL1977212:00 PM8th June 2021
MANPREET KAUR200143:00 PM9th June 2021
Manpreet Kaur Matharu197043:00 PM9th June 2021
Manpreet Singh Sabarwal199454:00 PM8th June 2021
Mayank Agarwal199654:00 PM9th June 2021
Mayank Kejriwal1989111:00 AM8th June 2021
MEERA KANORIA1960111:00 AM8th June 2021
Megha Gupta199843:00 PM9th June 2021
MEGHA SARAF198643:00 PM9th June 2021
Meghna Gupta199754:00 PM8th June 2021
Mehul Agarwal2001111:00 AM8th June 2021
Mewa lal gupta194531:00 PM9th June 2021
Minu Khaitan 198231:00 PM8th June 2021
Mithun Banik Mazumder1986212:00 PM9th June 2021
Mohit Agarwal199754:00 PM8th June 2021
Mohit Agarwal198831:00 PM9th June 2021
Mohit Agarwal200043:00 PM9th June 2021
Mohit Sareen198931:00 PM8th June 2021
MONIKA SAMANTA1984212:00 PM8th June 2021
Moumita Chakraborty 1980111:00 AM8th June 2021
Mridul Kedia1995212:00 PM8th June 2021
Mridula Maity1991111:00 AM8th June 2021
Mukesh Agarwal1980111:00 AM8th June 2021
Mukesh Kumar Agarwal198231:00 PM9th June 2021
Muskan Mittal2000212:00 PM9th June 2021
Muskan Tibrewal200031:00 PM8th June 2021
NAINA SEWDA1963212:00 PM8th June 2021
Naman Agarwal200143:00 PM8th June 2021
Namita Agarwal1978111:00 AM8th June 2021
Nanaku Yadav199043:00 PM8th June 2021
NARENDRA BEDI198154:00 PM9th June 2021
Naresh Kumar Singhania196431:00 PM8th June 2021
Naurang Mal Saboo1936111:00 AM8th June 2021
NAVIN KAUR196443:00 PM9th June 2021
NAVIN KUMAR RATHI1982212:00 PM8th June 2021
NEELAM AGARWAL1980212:00 PM8th June 2021
Neelam Garg1977212:00 PM9th June 2021
Neelesh Mishra199654:00 PM8th June 2021
NEHA BANSAL198343:00 PM8th June 2021
Neha Dixit1995111:00 AM8th June 2021
NEHA GOEL199154:00 PM8th June 2021
Neha Gupta 199431:00 PM8th June 2021
Neha Mishra198543:00 PM8th June 2021
Neha Singh199843:00 PM8th June 2021
Neha Singh198943:00 PM9th June 2021
Neha Singh197943:00 PM9th June 2021
NIDHI GOEL199454:00 PM9th June 2021
Nidhi Gupta199054:00 PM9th June 2021
Nidhi Tibrewal1985111:00 AM9th June 2021
NIKHIL GOEL199854:00 PM9th June 2021
Nikita Agarwal199531:00 PM8th June 2021
Nikunj Khetan 200231:00 PM8th June 2021
NILANJANA DUTTA SARKAR1993111:00 AM9th June 2021
Nilav Kolay1983111:00 AM9th June 2021
Niraj Kumar Agarwal197831:00 PM9th June 2021
Niraj Pathak197831:00 PM8th June 2021
NISHA KAUSHIK199931:00 PM9th June 2021
Nishka Agarwal1998111:00 AM9th June 2021
Nita Agarwal1990111:00 AM8th June 2021
Nita jhunjhunwala198143:00 PM8th June 2021
NITESH KUMAR AGARWAL197931:00 PM9th June 2021
Nitu Singh198343:00 PM9th June 2021
Pallavi Goenka1996111:00 AM8th June 2021
PALLAVI MADHOGORIA199043:00 PM8th June 2021
Pankaj Agarwal1983212:00 PM8th June 2021
Pankaj agarwal198931:00 PM8th June 2021
PANKAJ BEDI197654:00 PM9th June 2021
Pankaj Goenka 1994212:00 PM9th June 2021
Pankaj Kr Singh199154:00 PM8th June 2021
PANKAJ KUMAR SINGHI1979111:00 AM8th June 2021
PANKAJ SARAF1994212:00 PM8th June 2021
Pannalal Goenka193831:00 PM9th June 2021
Parmeet Singh199631:00 PM8th June 2021
Patralekha De1987212:00 PM9th June 2021
PAWAN SINGH198854:00 PM9th June 2021
PINKESH PANDEY198343:00 PM8th June 2021
Pinki Agarwal197643:00 PM9th June 2021
Pinki Tibrewal198031:00 PM8th June 2021
PINKY AGARWAL198131:00 PM8th June 2021
PIYUSH SINGHANIA1993212:00 PM8th June 2021
POLY BANERJEE197731:00 PM8th June 2021
Poulami Patra199931:00 PM9th June 2021
Prachi Jain199854:00 PM8th June 2021
Pradeep Kanodia197943:00 PM9th June 2021
Pradeep Kumar Tibrewal197931:00 PM8th June 2021
Pradeep Singh198543:00 PM9th June 2021
PRAGYA JANA200243:00 PM9th June 2021
PRAMOD KUMAR AGARWAL1965212:00 PM8th June 2021
PRAMOD KUMAR MITTAL1987212:00 PM8th June 2021
Prateek Kumar Singh198343:00 PM9th June 2021
Pratibha Pathak197931:00 PM8th June 2021
Pratik Agarwal1995111:00 AM8th June 2021
Pratyush singh 200243:00 PM8th June 2021
Prince Shukla1993212:00 PM9th June 2021
Pritam Kumar Saha1993212:00 PM9th June 2021
Priti Agarwal1978212:00 PM9th June 2021
priti kumari shaw199554:00 PM8th June 2021
PRITY KANORIA1989111:00 AM8th June 2021
Priya Agarwal198031:00 PM9th June 2021
Priya Agarwal199254:00 PM9th June 2021
Priya Shaw199343:00 PM9th June 2021
PRIYAM AGARWAL199254:00 PM9th June 2021
Priyank Singh199143:00 PM8th June 2021
Priyanka Adhikary 199543:00 PM9th June 2021
Priyanka Goel199143:00 PM9th June 2021
Priyanka Jaiswal198531:00 PM9th June 2021
Priyanka kasera1990212:00 PM9th June 2021
Priyanka Shrimali1980111:00 AM8th June 2021
Priyanshi Agarwal200031:00 PM8th June 2021
PROTIYOMAN SHAW200254:00 PM9th June 2021
PUJA BEDI198454:00 PM9th June 2021
PUJA GOYAL198543:00 PM8th June 2021
Pulkit Khaitan2002212:00 PM9th June 2021
PURNIMA RATHI1988212:00 PM8th June 2021
Purnya Sholka Das199231:00 PM9th June 2021
Pushp Mala Mehta194254:00 PM8th June 2021
Radha Agarwal1972111:00 AM9th June 2021
RADHA DEVI AGARWAL1945212:00 PM8th June 2021
Radha Pathak195931:00 PM8th June 2021
Radhika garg 1988212:00 PM8th June 2021
Rahul agarwal198631:00 PM8th June 2021
Rahul Jaiswal2000212:00 PM9th June 2021
RAHUL MADHOGORIA199043:00 PM8th June 2021
Rahul singal198843:00 PM9th June 2021
RAHUL SWDA1991212:00 PM8th June 2021
RAJAN KUMAR GUPTA198931:00 PM9th June 2021
RAJEEV GOYAL198643:00 PM8th June 2021
RAJEEV KUMAR AGARWAL197931:00 PM8th June 2021
Rajesh Kumar Bhakat197854:00 PM9th June 2021
Rajesh Tibrewal1976111:00 AM9th June 2021
Rajkumar Paul196543:00 PM8th June 2021
Rajtirtha Paul199843:00 PM8th June 2021
RAKESH SHARMA198643:00 PM9th June 2021
RAM NARAYAN YADAV196554:00 PM8th June 2021
Ranjana Agarwal1977212:00 PM8th June 2021
RANJITA KUNTI1979111:00 AM8th June 2021
Rashmi Chowdhary197454:00 PM8th June 2021
rashmi jaiswal1986212:00 PM9th June 2021
Rashmi Singh199443:00 PM8th June 2021
RASHMI SINGHANIA1983212:00 PM8th June 2021
Rathindra Nath Sen195443:00 PM9th June 2021
RATNESH KUMAR MISHRA1980212:00 PM9th June 2021
Raunak Adukia199154:00 PM8th June 2021
Raunak Kumar Choudhary1995212:00 PM9th June 2021
Ravi goel199343:00 PM8th June 2021
Ravi Shankar Sharma1976111:00 AM9th June 2021
Reba Tapadar1942111:00 AM9th June 2021
Rekha Gupta1986212:00 PM9th June 2021
Renu Agarwal198431:00 PM9th June 2021
Renuka Agarwal199131:00 PM9th June 2021
Richa Shaw1991212:00 PM9th June 2021
Rina Yadav198354:00 PM8th June 2021
Rina Yadav 1986212:00 PM9th June 2021
Rinki Das199131:00 PM9th June 2021
Rinku Agarwal1983212:00 PM8th June 2021
Rinku Jaiswal198143:00 PM8th June 2021
Rinky Agarwal198231:00 PM9th June 2021
Rishi Chandak2001111:00 AM9th June 2021
Ritam Ghosh199554:00 PM9th June 2021
Ritendra Nath Sen198043:00 PM9th June 2021
Ritesh Singhania199731:00 PM8th June 2021
Ritika Bose199843:00 PM9th June 2021
Ritika Gupta199454:00 PM8th June 2021
RITU AGARWAL1979212:00 PM8th June 2021
Ritu Kanodia198154:00 PM9th June 2021
RITU TOLAMBIA1990212:00 PM8th June 2021
Riya Dipak200143:00 PM9th June 2021
Robin Agarwal2001212:00 PM9th June 2021
Rohan Arora199531:00 PM9th June 2021
Rohan Bimal Gupta199931:00 PM9th June 2021
Rohit Agarwal1998212:00 PM8th June 2021
Rohit Agarwal199831:00 PM9th June 2021
Rohit Goel198543:00 PM9th June 2021
ROhit Somani198543:00 PM9th June 2021
ROSHAN LAL AGARWAL1978212:00 PM8th June 2021
Ruchika Agarwal199554:00 PM8th June 2021
Rudranand Mishra199031:00 PM9th June 2021
Rupali Banerjee 196054:00 PM9th June 2021
Rupsa Das199654:00 PM9th June 2021
Sachin Nagpal1982111:00 AM9th June 2021
Sachin Saurabh199043:00 PM8th June 2021
Saikat Pramanik1990212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sajjan agarwal195054:00 PM9th June 2021
Saket Mittal200131:00 PM9th June 2021
Sakshi Agarwal199531:00 PM8th June 2021
Sakshi Agarwal199631:00 PM8th June 2021
Sakshi Agarwal1998212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sakshi Dalmia1997111:00 AM8th June 2021
SAMBHU MAL198054:00 PM9th June 2021
Sanchita Agarwal1997111:00 AM9th June 2021
Sandeep Kanodia198454:00 PM9th June 2021
Sandeep Mishra1981212:00 PM8th June 2021
Sandip bector1989111:00 AM9th June 2021
Sangeeta Agarwal197954:00 PM8th June 2021
Sangita Ghosh1982212:00 PM9th June 2021
SANGITA MAHESHWARI1972111:00 AM8th June 2021
Sanjana Sen198643:00 PM9th June 2021
SANJAY AGARWAL197243:00 PM8th June 2021
SANJAY DIXIT197831:00 PM8th June 2021
Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal197454:00 PM8th June 2021
Sanjay Kumar Shaw196643:00 PM9th June 2021
SANJAY SINGAL199331:00 PM9th June 2021
Sanjay singh 198054:00 PM8th June 2021
SANJUKTA BANERJEE198331:00 PM8th June 2021
SANSKRITI AGARWAL200231:00 PM9th June 2021
SANTOSH AGARWAL197843:00 PM8th June 2021
Santosh jaiswal199043:00 PM9th June 2021
Santosh kumar jaiswal 199554:00 PM8th June 2021
Santosh Singh198143:00 PM9th June 2021
Saptarshi Basu2001212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sarbadrita Bhattacharjee200254:00 PM9th June 2021
SARITA BEDI195154:00 PM9th June 2021
SARITA MITTAL1962212:00 PM8th June 2021
SARITA PODDAR196154:00 PM8th June 2021
Sarita Sharma197243:00 PM8th June 2021
Sarita Yadav1981111:00 AM9th June 2021
SARMISHTHA DHAR1974212:00 PM9th June 2021
SAROJ DEVI BANSAL196543:00 PM8th June 2021
SAROJ GOYAL1964212:00 PM8th June 2021
Saroj Sharma1982111:00 AM9th June 2021
Saroj Singhania197331:00 PM8th June 2021
satish jaiswal1992212:00 PM9th June 2021
SATYABALA KAUSHIK197331:00 PM9th June 2021
SAURAV AGARWAL198943:00 PM8th June 2021
Saurav Srivastava199654:00 PM9th June 2021
Saurav Trivedi1989111:00 AM8th June 2021
Savita Kanoria1970111:00 AM9th June 2021
Savita Mittal196631:00 PM9th June 2021
Savita Pathak198131:00 PM8th June 2021
Savitri Devi jaiswal194643:00 PM9th June 2021
Sayanti Das199031:00 PM8th June 2021
SEEMA KASUHIK197931:00 PM9th June 2021
Shalu jaiswal199654:00 PM8th June 2021
SHALU KANORIA1996111:00 AM8th June 2021
Shashi Agarwal1977212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sheela garg1964212:00 PM8th June 2021
Shikha Agarwal198154:00 PM9th June 2021
SHIKHA GOEL1984111:00 AM8th June 2021
SHINKY SAKHUJA198931:00 PM8th June 2021
SHIPRA SINGHAL199343:00 PM8th June 2021
Shivam Agarwal199931:00 PM8th June 2021
Shivam Gupta200231:00 PM8th June 2021
SHIVAM MISHRA199731:00 PM9th June 2021
Shivam Rastogi199443:00 PM8th June 2021
SHIVANGI MAHATO200243:00 PM9th June 2021
Shivani Joshi1984111:00 AM9th June 2021
Shivansh Kedia200143:00 PM8th June 2021
Shivshankar Yadav1993212:00 PM9th June 2021
Shouvik Ganguly199731:00 PM8th June 2021
SHRUTI AGARWAL199043:00 PM8th June 2021
Siddharth Singh200143:00 PM9th June 2021
Sidharath Gupta1998212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sikha Ghosh1959212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sima Jaiswal198254:00 PM8th June 2021
SIMA SARKAR1986111:00 AM9th June 2021
SIMRAN KALRA1992212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sipra Sharma199343:00 PM8th June 2021
SITARAM GOYAL1966212:00 PM8th June 2021
Smriti Shaw200343:00 PM9th June 2021
SNEHALTA KANODIA196054:00 PM8th June 2021
SNEHASHIS KUNTI1977111:00 AM8th June 2021
Soma Roy1978212:00 PM9th June 2021
Somrita Das1993212:00 PM8th June 2021
SONAL AGARWAL199043:00 PM8th June 2021
Sonal goel199543:00 PM8th June 2021
SONALI GARG199543:00 PM8th June 2021
Sonam Hetamsaria198731:00 PM9th June 2021
SONIA AGARWAL 198343:00 PM9th June 2021
SONIKA HIMMATRAMKA198843:00 PM8th June 2021
Sonu Agarwal1982111:00 AM9th June 2021
SOURAV KANODIA198454:00 PM8th June 2021
Sourav Pareek1993212:00 PM8th June 2021
Sourav Tibrewal1990212:00 PM9th June 2021
SOUVIK ROY199931:00 PM8th June 2021
SRABANTI DAS197154:00 PM9th June 2021
Sreejita Das2000212:00 PM8th June 2021
Sreha Agarwal200031:00 PM8th June 2021
SRIJON SEN199954:00 PM8th June 2021
Subash ram shaw196443:00 PM9th June 2021
Subhrajyoti Mitra 1976111:00 AM8th June 2021
Subir Kumar Deb197054:00 PM9th June 2021
Sudhanshu Gupta197743:00 PM9th June 2021
Sudhir Jaiswal197831:00 PM9th June 2021
SUJATA CHAKRABORTY197831:00 PM8th June 2021
Sujata Gupta197731:00 PM8th June 2021
Sukla Chakraborty1958111:00 AM8th June 2021
Sukumar Roy1968212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sulagna Dey1997111:00 AM9th June 2021
Suman Chouhan198154:00 PM9th June 2021
Suman goel199243:00 PM9th June 2021
Suman Jhunjhunwala1999111:00 AM9th June 2021
Sumit Agarwal198854:00 PM9th June 2021
Sumit Kumar Khajanchi199354:00 PM8th June 2021
Sunil Kumar1988212:00 PM9th June 2021
Sunil kumar Mittal1969111:00 AM8th June 2021
SUNITA AGARWAL1977111:00 AM9th June 2021
Sunita Agarwal198031:00 PM9th June 2021
SUNITA GUPTA1966212:00 PM9th June 2021
SUNITA JAISWAL196843:00 PM9th June 2021
SUNITA TERESA JAMES197754:00 PM9th June 2021
SUNNY AGARWAL198643:00 PM8th June 2021
SUNNY KANODIA198654:00 PM8th June 2021
Suparna Chakraborty1975212:00 PM8th June 2021
Supravo Chakraborty1998212:00 PM8th June 2021
Supriya Chakraborty1967212:00 PM8th June 2021
Surabhi Sharma199531:00 PM9th June 2021
Surainder kumar garg 1958212:00 PM8th June 2021
Suraj Pandey199131:00 PM9th June 2021
Suraj Shukla1979111:00 AM8th June 2021
Surajit Dey1962111:00 AM9th June 2021
Surbhi Agarwal1996111:00 AM9th June 2021
Surendra Kumar Agarwal197731:00 PM8th June 2021
SURESH KANODIA195854:00 PM8th June 2021
SURESH KUMAR GUPTA1962212:00 PM9th June 2021
SUSHILA AGARWAL1973212:00 PM8th June 2021
Sushma Jaiswal198254:00 PM8th June 2021
Sushma jaiswal197043:00 PM9th June 2021
SWAPNENDU ROY1979111:00 AM8th June 2021
SWATI DIXIT199131:00 PM8th June 2021
Swati khandelwal1987111:00 AM9th June 2021
Swati Nangalia1978212:00 PM8th June 2021
Sweta Agarwal198231:00 PM9th June 2021
Sweta Agarwal198443:00 PM9th June 2021
Sweta singh 198254:00 PM8th June 2021
Tania Das199354:00 PM9th June 2021
TANUJ AGARWAL199343:00 PM8th June 2021
TRILOK CHAND BANSAL196043:00 PM8th June 2021
Trisha Agarwal1989212:00 PM8th June 2021
Tushar Agarwal2000212:00 PM8th June 2021
Ujjyani Banerjee 2000111:00 AM8th June 2021
Umang Agarwal2003111:00 AM8th June 2021
Unnayni Banerjee2000111:00 AM8th June 2021
Usha Agarwal197743:00 PM8th June 2021
Usha goel1966111:00 AM8th June 2021
Usha murarka1966111:00 AM9th June 2021
Uttara Mitra1955111:00 AM8th June 2021
Vaibhav Agarwal199931:00 PM9th June 2021
Vandana kumari1993212:00 PM9th June 2021
VEDANT GUPTA2000212:00 PM8th June 2021
Vidhi Poddar2002111:00 AM9th June 2021
Vijay Chandak1970111:00 AM9th June 2021
Vijay hada 197931:00 PM9th June 2021
Vijay ray197243:00 PM8th June 2021
VIJAY SINGHANIA1979212:00 PM8th June 2021
Vikash Garg1979212:00 PM8th June 2021
Vikash Goel199043:00 PM9th June 2021
Vikash Gupta197731:00 PM8th June 2021
Vikash Hetamsaria198731:00 PM9th June 2021
Vikash jhunjhunwala197743:00 PM8th June 2021
Vikash Khaitan 197831:00 PM8th June 2021
Vikash Kumar Agarwal198031:00 PM9th June 2021
VIKASH SHARMA197731:00 PM8th June 2021
Vikram singh198654:00 PM8th June 2021
Vikramjeet Singh199243:00 PM9th June 2021
Vineet Kumar didwania199754:00 PM8th June 2021
Vinita Jaiswal198554:00 PM9th June 2021
Vishakha Kedia1993111:00 AM9th June 2021
Vishal Agarwal1995212:00 PM9th June 2021
Vishal Jain199643:00 PM9th June 2021
Vishal Yadav 199754:00 PM8th June 2021
Vivek Poddar199531:00 PM8th June 2021
Yamini Saraf1994111:00 AM9th June 2021
YASH AGARWAL1998111:00 AM9th June 2021
Yash Gupta199954:00 PM8th June 2021
YASH MITTAL1999111:00 AM8th June 2021
Yash Saraf199643:00 PM9th June 2021
Yogesh Chowdhary198531:00 PM8th June 2021