All registered members of DBL Alumni are hereby notified that the 56th AGM of DBL Alumni will be held on Sunday September 10 from 9:30 am onwards. You can check your membership at


Any pass-out of DBL can join the DBL Alumni Association. Even if you have studied here for one day you are most welcome to join us. Here is the process to be followed.

- Fill up the membership form  HERE .

- All fields are mandatory. Wherever mobile number is asked please always provide a number which has active WhatsApp on it.

- If you do not have a proposer to mention then you can fill '0' in the field of Mobile number of the Proposer and 'SELF' in the field of Name & Membership Number of the Proposer.

- As per the chart below pay the requisite fee amount at

Life Membership Fees -
Passed within 1 year = Rs.650/-
For others = Rs.5150/-

- For the application to be considered for membership both the form and the fee need to be done.

- The application then is passed by the Delegate also the school's Rector and the president of the DBLPP in the earliest Executive Committee meeting.

- If you still have any queries then you can whatsapp the alumni PR Convenor Mr. Yogesh Goel at and he will resolve your query at the earliest.

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