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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Opening of AEP & Felicitation of Anirban Roy

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.


It was very soothing to see some seniors members present today. Swapan da, Kishori Jaiswal, Ramesh Kakrania, Anil Gupta (after a long gap - we wish you good health), Bijay Singh, Satish Shukla, Ramakant Gattani, Mahesh Singhania, etc.

We are lucky to have our supportive Salesians who offered every possible help to us. Fr Thomas Gomes, Fr Manoj Jose, Fr Anand Raj, Fr Mani Manuel & Bro Lawrence Mondal. We are full of gratitude for your help and gracious presence. The icing on the cake was the felicitation of DBL student, Anirban Roy. The non teaching staff of DBL for facilitating so many things.

Anil Agrawal tons of hardwork, Kamal Prakash Ag rock solid support, Mahip, Saurabh, Bikash, Raunak Poddar, Naresh, Yogesh, Binay, Sanjay, Raghav, Bijay Fatehpuria, Dr Bodhi, Dr Piush, Arpit Bansal, Sensei Kajal Ghosh, Sandip, Dilip, Harish, Mayank, Vineet, Ashish & others - Thank you. Kudos to your love for DBL Alumni.

हर बात का कोई जवाब नहीं होता
हर इश्क का नाम खराब नही होता
यू तो झूम लेते है नशे में पीने वाले
मगर हर नशे का नाम शराब नही होता

We are very thankful to Mr Rajat Nanda IAS, ADM (Development) for sharing his precious time and appreciating the work of DBL Alumni. We felicitated Anirban Roy, finalist of Colors T V show Hunarbaaz. His performance today was amazing. Very grateful to our Principal Fr Manoj Jose for giving us this opportunity.

Aryaman Ag was at his best, sung so beautifully. Dilip Choudhary and Ayush Chowdhury performed a beautiful medley of popular Hindi songs and off course the nice dance performance by the AEP students.

Snacks packets were distributed to the AEP & Night School as well as the technical students. And we also acknowledge the presence of better halfs of our members, Anil, Mahip & Yogesh.

I again thank all who were instrumental in helping us in today's event.

अपने वो नही जो हर तस्वीर में साथ हो,
अपने वो होते है जो हर तकलीफ़ में साथ देते हैं।

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