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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Farewell of Ma'am Samita Guha

Ma'am Samita Guha ,

To New Beginnings And Happy Memories!

We honor and thank you for your dedication and service to our school and the students community.

For your devotion and hard work, you deserve the best retirement ever. Enjoy this new journey of your life. Cherish every moment and have fun.

Best wishes.

You have made numerous future entrepreneurs, doctors, chartered accountants, scientists, ....... almost 4 decades of teaching in Don Bosco school Liluah. Congratulations !

The gift of education is the greatest gift which shapes the course of career of one's life.

You have achieved the love and respect of countless students .

They will ever remain indebted.

Every journey comes to an end, paving the course for another.

Today Ma'am Samita Guha retired as teacher from DBL, a chequered career, a gem of a teacher with a very good heart.

DBL Alumni too offered a small token of appreciation to Ma'am Samita Guha for her dedicated service to her beloved students.

Thank you so much.

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