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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Covid Vaccination Camp at Don Bosco Liluah School

UPDATE - 03.06.2021

Don Bosco Alumni Liluah
Covid Vaccination Drive

Dear friends, 

Thank you for registering for Covishield Vaccination at our camp. This is to inform you that the Vaccination Camp will be held at Don Bosco school Liluah on 8th June and 9th June. AMRI hospitals are going to conduct this camp. You shall be informed about the date, your timing of Vaccination and slot as we receive it from AMRI. 

Everyone is requested to note the following:-
1. Please bring your Aadhar Card.
2. Remember the Phone number (given at the time of Cowin Registration).
3. Please report 20 minutes prior to the time slot given to you. Remember your slot number as informed by us.
4. People who are having any fever or symptoms like that, please inform us before-hand through phone. Please don’t turn up in such case.
5. Properly wear your double mask during the entire period.
6. No extra person shall accompany except for special cases.
7. Entry will be from the Howrah road (Auto stand) gate.
8. If you have developed covid 19 after registering than you are not eligible for Vaccination in our camp.
9. Please note that we don't have any provision for refund or we are not responsible for refund if the candidate is unable to be present on the allotted date and time, as we have paid the amount in full to AMRI Hospitals.

Note: Timings and slot will be notified later.

Hoping for your cooperation and support.
Let's all continue to follow social distancing, masking to stay safe.

Yours in Don Bosco
Biswanath Trivedi
DBL Alumni

UPDATE - 02.06.2021

Today evening we had a meeting to work out the formalities of the Vaccination camp to be held on the 8th and 9th June. Every thing will be done as per the social distancing norms.

UPDATE - 01.06.2021

Dear friends, 
Let me thank each and everyone of you for the over whelming response of the Vaccination drive.
We all know that Vaccines builds our immune system to fight against diseases.
When we vaccinate, we activate the immune system's "memory."

Somehow , we had to keep on contacting different organizations for Vaccines. But finally, we have finalized AMRI for our Vaccination drive.
The AMRI team will be reaching DBL to vaccinate people.
The tentative date given by AMRI is 8th & 9th of June.
The timings and other details will be shared very soon.
Candidates those who have registered will be individually informed by mails and SMS.

Details will also be uploaded on our website
There is no slot left for the above camps. Once again I thank the DBL Alumni team for their support and would solicit your help in making the camp successful.

Yours in Don Bosco
Biswanath Trivedi

UPDATE - 30-05-2021


We have CLOSED the registrations for the vaccination camp at DBL. No more further booking will be done. Kindly do not make frantic calls again and again. We are overbooked and hence had to close down. Please be patient.

We shall let you know about the date of vaccination at DBL as soon as we get confirmation from the hospital.

Kindly bear with us.


DBL Alumni Team

UPDATE - 29-05-2021


We thank all of you for such an over-whelming response. The magnitude and speed at which the registrations poured in was unprecedented.

This is to inform you that the REGISTRATIONS for Covid Vaccination Camp at DBL will CLOSE at 5:00 pm on 30.05.2021 (Tomorrow). Hence whoever is left still has time to do so.

As soon as we are informed from ILS Hospital about the date of Vaccination, we will be informing through our website which will always be updated with whatever information we have. Please also keep yourself updated with your referred past pupil alumnus.

Request you all to please avoid calling us for every small detail. We have provided every possible information from time to time through social media and also through our website It really have become difficult to handle calls in such vast numbers. We tried our best to help with whatever we could but we request you all to understand our situation too.

We thank you again for the trust you have shown in us.

Yours in Don Bosco
DBL Alumni Team

UPDATE - 28-05-2021 - MORNING


1. ANIL AGARWAL – 9831474555
2. RAJESH SARAF – 9331032974
3. MAHIP MITTAL – 9331869376
4. YOGESH GOEL – 9163333320
5.      SANJAY YADAV - 9143610047

1. BINOD ADUKIA – 9831032345
2. ABHISHEK SHARMA – 9836225555

1. NARESH PODDAR – 9674219708
2. RAGHAV ARORA – 8100934958
3.      ROUNAK AGARWAL - 9903053153

1. SAURAV AGARWAL – 9163831804

1. GOLDY KOLEY – 9830051141
2.      RAUNAK PODDAR - 9163037525

1. ANIL GUPTA – 9830058308

1. MUKESH  CHOWDHARY - 9830166639

UPDATE - 27-05-2021 - EVENING


Vaccine conducting team / hospital 
# ILS Hospital Howrah

Vaccine name 
# Covishield

Age Group 
# 18+

# Don Bosco Liluah Alumni Room
   at Don Bosco School Liluah
   136, Girish Ghosh Road, Liluah, Howrah - 711204

# Vaccination will be scheduled by the ILS Hospital Howrah as per the necessary approvals from the health department.

# Rs.1000/- (950+Transaction Taxes)

Terms & Conditions:
1. 2nd dose only upon completion of 12 weeks after 1st dose of CoviShield.
2. In case of persons infected with Covid, they can get vaccinated only 3 months after recovery from Covid.
3. Each eligible candidate needs to be pre-registered and have a reference ID on CoWIN.
4. Only prepaid and prescheduled persons will be vaccinated here.
5. All updates from hereon can be found at - We will keep updating you through our website.

UPDATE - 27-05-2021 - EVENING

Dear DBL Alumnus,

As announced earlier, regarding the vaccination camp at DBL organised by Don Bosco Liluah Alumni - is the link for online payment and the required details to be filled up. All details are compulsory and are required by the vaccination team.

Once we receive the payment and the details of registration, we shall forward it to ILS Howrah after which they will get the approval from the health department of the state government.

As soon as they give us the date, we shall forward it to all the registered candidates and also update the same at our website.

Thanking you,

Biswanath Trivedi


Dear alumnus,

As some of us were interested in the alumni unit holding a vaccination camp at DBL. After getting a go ahead from Our Delegate and Fr Rector Fr Thomas Gomes and The Principal Fr K. V. Mathew we had approached Apollo, Fortis, Woodlands, AMRI and lately ILS Howrah.

We have received a formal go ahead from ILS Howrah of conducting the camp subject to their prior conditions for the work place covid vaccination centre .

👉🏻 Covishield vaccine will be administered at Rs 950 per dose.

As per the Government if West Bengal guidelines some formalities to be fulfilled.

👉🏻 Minimum of 400 eligible candidates to be present.
👉🏻 2nd dose only on completion of 12 weeks after the 1st dose of Covishield.
👉🏻 Covid infected person can get vaccinated only after 3 months.
👉🏻 Tentative list in Excel format to be submitted.
👉🏻 Payment to be made in advance and vaccination will be scheduled as per the necessary approvals from the health department.
👉🏻 Each eligible candidate needs to be pre-registered and have a reference ID on CoWIN
👉🏻 Only prepaid and prescheduled candidates will be vaccinated.

Apart from these there are some conditions for logistics etc.

We have applied to our school authorities for the necessary approvals and guidance.

I would like to thank and acknowledge Dr Kaushik Naha Biswas for his efforts in getting the approval, will also need his cooperation further.

I also like to appreciate the interest shown by members for the camp.

Masking, Physical and social distancing along with Vaccination are key tools for our fight against Covid 19.

We shall post the details later on along with the payment links.

Priority for Past Pupils and their family members.

Let's get to work together.

Yours in Don Bosco
Biswanath Trivedi